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Achieve desirable omnipresence.

  1. Credibility: Imagine your message reaching potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Websites, Alarm Apps - virtually everywhere on the internet. This level of exposure creates an air of credibility for your business that cannot be replicated through any other means in today's marketing world.

  2. Bury the Competition: Staying in front of your audience across multiple platforms, all the time, is the key to victory. Consistent outspending of competitors ensures market dominance.

  3. Diversification: Combat ad fatigue and audience alienation by diversifying your advertising efforts. Relying solely on one traffic source, especially considering the ever-changing policies of Google & Facebook, can be risky.

Our competitive advantages

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, traditional advertising methods fall short. We surpass the ordinary practice of simply investing in Facebook or Google ads. Our approach is innovative and goes beyond, ensuring your brand not only stands out but also reaches the right audience.

Our crafted ads have a remarkable impact, often resonating deeply with your target market. They become shareable content, prompting people to tag their friends, resulting in a powerful flywheel effect of free marketing.

What sets us apart is not only the exceptional quality of our services but also our competitive pricing. We establish direct and profound connections with the best employees worldwide, allowing us to offer lower prices without compromising on quality.

Your 100% guarantee

If we don't bring you a minimum 1.2x ROI over a 30-day period, we'll refund our service fee. In simpler terms, if we can't make you at least 20% on your ad spend, you won't pay anything on your retainer.

We want to eliminate any risk for you. We don't want your money unless we are making you money. That means there's zero downside for you, and you literally cannot lose money. We take the risk off your shoulders.

"Working with AwernessUp was revolutioniser for our business. Their innovative marketing techniques helped us achieve a 2x increase in our ROI within just a few months. We couldn't be happier with the results and the level of professionalism they brought to the table. Highly recommended!"

- Gregori S., CEO of Foundation of Investment.

"That team has been a game-changer for our startup. Their approach to social media marketing has helped us establish a strong online presence and connect with our target audience effectively. We've seen a 3x increase in website traffic and a substantial growth in our social media following. Our company has boosted our brand visibility same as, provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the process. We highly recommend their services to any business looking to make a real impact in the digital world."

- Alex K., Founder of MyInfo.

"We've tried other marketing agencies in the past, but none have delivered the same level of expertise and personalised attention as AwernessUp. Their team took the time to understand our unique business needs and developed a tailored marketing strategy that aligned perfectly with our goals. As a result, our brand visibility has significantly improved, and our customer engagement has soared. We're thrilled with the exceptional service and impressive results."

- Elina G., Marketing Director of Luxury Rent.

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